Flipkart App Download for PC/Laptop : Windows XP 7 8.1

Flipkart App for PC : In India, there is no opposition for Flipkart app as a result of its amazing administration and client experience. The same administration can be utilized through PC utilizing a devoted standalone application. Yes, here is an aide on the most proficient method to download Flipkart App for Laptop and this will work on windows platforms for future purpose.

Free Download Flipkart Application – biggest e commerce online shopping market:

Flipkart is an e-commerce company founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal.



It is a Singaporean company which operates in India, where it was first headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. Flipkart has propelled its own item run under the name “DigiFlip” with items including tablets, USBs, and portable PC packs, dresses, mobiles, Electronics, Women shopping accessories, men shopping accessories and also shoes, sandals, lipsticks, wallets, sling bags, hand bags and lot more stuff exclusively for people who are eagerly waiting for shopping.

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An important note from internet is that “Flipkart now employs more than 33000 people. Flipkart allows payment methods such as cash on delivery, credit or debit card transactions, net banking, e-gift voucher and card swipe on delivery.”

flipkart-app-download-for-pc and Mac

flipkart-app-download-for-pc and Mac

In spite of the fact that, you can utilize the Flipkart App for PC Download from its official site however there are sure things which are not accessible on the site nowadays. Flipkart has been doing this trap to advance its application, thus clients can get utilized too of the same. Flipkart even launched some chat feature also to make the customers happy and keep them modern and it can become the leading online megastore.

Along these lines, in case you’re additionally anxious to figure out how to know how to introduce and utilize Flipkart App on PC or tablet, then here is a system accessible that will work, fine and dandy and will carry out the occupation.

Punit Soni who is chief product officer of Flipkart company said that “Discovering a fashion product online varies from user to user and is more complex as compared to other categories. A lot of fashion purchase decisions are influenced by similar products seen by users. The image search feature provides a way to find similar products on Flipkart as well as reduces the search/ browsing time, making the overall product discovery and shopping experience simple.”

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Key Elements of Flipkart – Online shopping megastore:



  • Flipkart is one of the leading brands of online shopping mega-stores where everything is cheap and every customer gets satisfied with the delivery of flipkart.
  • Fast and quick delivery.
  • Quick return policies.
  • Unique strategies which will attract the students.
  • The company growth is awesome and the online customer support is fabulous.
  • Cash on delivery is available which is an awesome advantage.
  • Flipkart has an 30 – day replacement policy.
  • Free shipping with customer satisfaction and also easy returns.
  • Discounted prices and amazing, astonishing deals 24 hours.

Download Flipkart Online mega-store e commerce business site application to your PC:



It is very simple and you people just like the way the process goes. A rumor that encountered recent days is ” Flipkart is going to move the place slowly from Website to Flipkart App mode because of some rules and policies”. So, if it is like that , then we need to buck up and know what are the other alternatives. The best thing to download the app instead of using it in smartphones. We have a bluestacks app player whichis android emulator and it is compatible with all platforms. Let’s see the process step by step.



  • Download and Install Bluestacks from bluestacksbuzz.
  • Open Bluestacks and search for “ Flipkart ” in the top search bar which is in orange color.
  • Click on the Install button at the right side.
  • Wait for Bluestacks to automatically download and install Flipkart for PC.
  • Once it is done, go to Bluestacks > My Apps.
  • Open Flipkart and register with it with the details it provides.
  • Start using Shopping in Flipkart.
  • That’s all, Flipkart is now installed in your PC perfectly.

If you guys, still have any problem using this application, then please comment in the below comment section. For further details reach us on Social – networking sites such as facebook, twitter, gmail and more. Have fun using this Flipkart App on Laptop.

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How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages in Android/iPhone

As we all know WhatsApp is an instant messaging service through which we are able to send messages and chat with our friends and family instantly at any time.WhatsApp is easy to install and use and is available at free of cost for first one year. Apart from this WhatsApp also let the user to share photos, videos, audio and also user location. Voice calling feature is also available in WhatsApp. So undoubtedly we can say that WhatsApp is the most popular and highly user friendly app to send and receive messages and also share other media files.

You can even restore deleted whatsapp message while you using whatsapp on pc as well

whatsapp messages restore Every person who owns a smartphone mostly will have WhatsApp installed in his/her device in order to send and receive messages. But sometimes the received messages may be deleted by us accidentally while tapping on our smart device or sometimes we want to view our conversation which is already deleted from WhatsApp. This creates a problem when we accidentally delete some important messages and want it back. We will suffer a lot in such type of situation.

In such cases we can restore the deleted messages or conversation by just following simple process. But most of you may not be aware of it. Here I am providing you with detailed steps of how to restore the deleted messages or conversation.

There are three methods to restore the deleted messages in WhatsApp.The first two methods will be able to restore the older messages and the last one can only restore the past 7 days conversation.Any method can be followed according to your requirement. These methods will work for almost all the devices and platforms.The three methods are

  1. Manual restoring
  2. By web Application
  3. Direct restoring.

Steps To Manually Restore The Messages In WhatsApp:

  • First go to WhatsApp database folder by following the path ‘sdcard/Whatsapp/databases’.
  • Open the database folder.
  • After opening it, you will find some chat files inside that.
  • In the list of files appeared search a file named ‘msgstore.db.crypt’
  • After finding the file, you need to rename it.
  • Just rename it by adding an additional word either before it or after it.
  • After renaming the file find the chat file which you want to restore.
  • Rename the file you want to restore as ‘msgstore.db.crypt’.
  • Then go to settings.
  • Select Application/Manage application/WhatsApp.
  • Hit on the ‘clear data’ button.
  • Open WhatsApp and choose restore at the bottom right side of the screen.
  • That’s it, the messages which are deleted have been restored.

Steps To Restore WhatsApp Messages Using Web Application:

In this method in order to restore the messages we use a web application called ‘Restore Messages’. This application is available at free of cost and restores the deleted messages in WhatsApp.The steps to restore the messages with this application are as follows

  • Go to Recover messages site.
  • Click on ‘Select SQlite file’
  • After that select the database file which you want to restore and upload it.
  • Check the Box displaying ‘ I accept terms of use’
  • Hit the ‘scan’ button and wait for some time.
  • After few seconds, you will be able to see the deleted messages on the screen.

Note: One can only see and read the messages by using this method.We cannot restore them to the chat history.

Steps To Restore WhatsApp Messages Directly:

  • WhatsApp comes with a backup feature by which the app backup’s its data every day.
  • The data stored in the sdcard will be backed up every day.
  • In order to restore the messages in Whats app just re-install the whats app.
  • The device asks you whether to restore your message history.
  • Click on ‘Restore’
  • This restores the entire data which is less than 7 days.

Cinemabox App Download for PC – Windows 8.1/7

Today our lives are so busy that we hardly have time for anything, but taking a break from such hectic lives is also important. Entertainment plays a huge role in our life, it gives us time to enjoy and adds charm to life, also keeps our mind refreshed. Gone are the days when people used to go to theatres to watch movie or wait for it to come up on TVs or DVDs or YouTube. With increasing technology it is easier to enjoy the movies and videos just by streaming them all in one app with different categories and free of cost.

In this article we will see such an app that allows you to watch shows, movies, videos, etc called ‘Cinema box’

Cinema box for PC

Cinema box app is the new entry app from the developers of Playbox app, the app is new version of Playbox HD to allow you to watch movies and shows online. The app has a lot of new movies and cartoons. In the market there are famous brands like Netflix which go through lengthy procedures for monthly subscriptions.

Then there are apps like Cinema box that allow you free streaming on IOS and Android devices. The quality of the content is great and there are frequent updates and notifications too. There are various genres and categories available as per user’s choice.

They also support Google’s chromecast and Apple’s AirPlay. Now let us take a look at its features-

  • Interface is quite easy, so it is easy to understand and the app is free of cost.
  • When you do not have much time, you can stream the video using internet and save it to watch the movie/show later.
  • You can adjust the quality of the video as per your choice, even HD.
  • You will get the latest news about TV shows, movies and cartoons.

cinemabox for pc

  • Browsing and searching videos is quite simpler with different categories available to suit your taste.
  • Subtitles are available in your preferred languages, now you can watch videos as per your choice of language
  • Add your liked videos to favourites and watch them as many times as you want.
  • It has an option to get into kids mode or not.
  • Nowadays sharing has become most important on internet, so this app allows you to share movies with your friends and family.
  • Supports play through WiFi sharing.

Now, if you want such amazing app for your bigger screen like PC/ Laptop follow the instructions-

    • If you have an Android emulator then great, if not download Bluestacks emulator from the web browser.
    • Get Cinema Box apk and install the apk file on your PC using Bluestacks android app player.
    • Cinema box will get installed on PC in sometime.
    • Launch and open Bluestacks, you will see Cinema box installed.

cinemabox download

    • Tap on the Cinema box and you will find various options to watch movies, shows, cartoons, etc.

cinemabox app download


  • Open the video of your choice which you wanted to watch and enjoy it on HD.


Download Vidmate Apk for iPhone, Mac – Steps to Install Vidmate App

Download Vidmate Apk for iPhone: Download the free app to download thousands of free online videos, TV show, new movies and much more, just download the Vidmate Apk for your iOS apple device and download unlimited no. of free online media for no extra charge.

If you are an apple user then you would know that apple users have to pay for anything and everything they watch on their device running on iOS. Apps like Netflix and Hulu charge an awful lot of money which the other apps in the same category are giving away for free.

Netflix gives you access to some TV series and the old movies and that too you can not download most of the content you see, you can just watch online and that sucks. You need a better solution with a lower cost but Vidmate App gives you similar ad even better services for no extra cost! Btw tubemate allows you to download videos for free.

The only charge is of your data and there is absolutely no other cost of watching and simultaneously downloading any no. of videos on your device! You can get the most out of every bit of your data you spend by watching your favorite media online and also downloading it when you like and from wherever you like in the world like in your car or in your office!

Vidmate has thousands of TV series videos ready to be downloaded any moment, you can catch up on your favorite TV series for no extra cost, just install the Vidmate apk file and start downloading the videos you want!

How to Download Vidmate Apk for Apple Devices Running on iOS:

Download the Vidmate Apk for Apple Devices

Download the Vidmate Apk for Apple Devices

In this section we will walk you through the process of installing the Vidmate app on your apple device running on iOS and how can you make the most use out of it and stream and download online media seamlessly on your apple device. But before we go ahead in the process, we want to warn you guys that there are many developers who have created the replica of the Vidmate app that can harm your apple device if you Download Vidmate App from an untrusted source but we provide you a safe link through you can download and then install the Vidmate app on your apple device itself and download unlimited videos, movies, TV shows and music on your device without any problem. you can know more details about Vidmate Apk by through this link http://allthesoftware.com/vidmate-apk-download/

Download Vidmate App for iOS Devices

Download Vidmate App for iOS Devices

  • First of all you have to download the apk file of the Vidmate app. You can download the zipped version too of the exact same apk file which is smaller in size and you do not have to spend more data for the original apk file. We have provided links for both downloads.
  • After completion of the download, locate the file using the file explorer installed on your apple device. Unzip the zipped file using the unzipping tool in your file explorer, most of the file explorers have this feature built in.
  • Now install the app like a regular app and after you see the finish sign, open the Vidmate app and now you can surf, stream, download any no. of online videos, latest movies, TV shows and music, Hollywood or Bollywood.
Vidmate Apk Download for iPhone

Vidmate Apk Download for iPhone

Thank you for reading and do not forget to share this article with your friends and in your circle to let them know about this amazing app and how you can use it to download online videos for free on their app devices. Share your questions with us using the comment section below regarding the installation procedure of the Vidmate App on your apple device, we will try to reach you within 24 hours, thank you.

Use Whatsapp Web on Windows 8.1/7 PC at web.whatsapp.com

Howdy guys! today we are going to have a tutorial on Whatsapp Web for PC. Whatsapp messenger is one of the best application and it has got lot of praises, everyone started using the whatsapp messenger like a hell and every one enjoys texting each other – when it is free of cost and we need to have internet connection.

Download Whatsapp Web for PC- Here comes the Process to Use:


Whatsapp messenger has also became one of the biggest names in the Google app market where it has millions of users. The only thing which gives a disappointment is it is only made available for smartphones only. A recent news regarding the whatsapp messenger is “Facebook owned whatsapp messenger application for 19 Billion dollars”, isn’t it fascinating??? oh, its really amazing news because we are going to get hell lot of updates and the interface is going to change guys and you will really enjoy with these new changes.

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Now, how do you feel if we say that whatsapp for PC is available??? You might be surprised right , so here comes the news and amazing fact is whatsapp messenger application is now made available to PC. The process is as simple as it is. You are going to enjoy this tutorial and at the end you will definitely become  an extra – ordinary whatsapp user of PC.


The only sad thing is we need to pay around $0.99 per year in order to use whatsapp after the one year free usage, i think this is going to be a sad thing because there are many applications which are free of cost and let’s see what else can happen in the mean time.

The only thing which happened after Facebook which acquired the whatsapp messenger application is, they included many awesome features and Whatsapp for Windows personal computer is one of them.

so, in order to install or use whatsapp messenger in your Windows PC, we have two types of process and you can choose which one is the best process in order to use the whatsapp messenger application. Let us start the tutorial on how to use / download / install Whatsapp apk on PC or else whatsapp web for PC.



First process is all about whatsapp web official site and second process is you need to download Bluestacks app player – android emulator because this is one of the best android app player and the user interface is quite amazing and awesome, everyone can instantly use this emulator.

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You have an option that if at all first process doesn’t works, then you can easily proceed to the second process with an ease. Let us start the first process for now and later we will discuss the second process in the same article only.

First Process To use Whatsapp On PC:



  • First of all you need to open your latest installed internet browser application.
  • In that application type for Google and enter or else open search bar and type as google you will get some relevant results. Open Google in browser.
  • Then, visit or type or else copy paste the link address http://web.whatsapp.com/ in your Browser.
  • If you still don’t get the link usage, then we are providing the direct link here – CLICK HERE TO GET WHATSAPP WEB.
    Now you will see a QR code in your Computer screen, when you open the page which looks like the image shown below after the completion of steps.
  • Just open WhatsApp in your smartphone and go to Options – then in options you need to click on “WhatsApp web” from the Options.
  • Now place your camera of your mobile above the QR code.
  • you will be scanning the QR code from your mobile.
  • That’s it, completed and you are still wondering because this is such an easy process, but it is fact that the process is completed.
  • Your WhatsApp conversations is now on your computer screen and enjoy Whatsapp on your PC.
  • If you want to sign out of WhatsApp web from System you need to go to options in Mobile > click on WhatsApp Web > Sign out or else same process you can go to settings of whatsapp on your computer screen and do the sign out.


Another alternative to use whatsapp messenger application on your PC Using Bluestacks App player:



As we discussed above we have two process and if you are uncomfortable with the above process, then here is the another alternative for you – which is quite common and also easy.

  • Open Bluestacks app player – best android emulator and if you don’t have then just click the link below and install the application and it will get installed within few moments. – CLICK HERE
  • In bluestacks app player, there will be a search bar on the top of the application in orange color.
  • In search bar type a text as Whatsapp and you will get the results regarding to the text which you have typed.
  • Click on the whatsapp green icon and then wait for few moments, the download automatically gets started.
  • After the download, installation gets started and then everything is done.
  • That’s it Whatsapp is perfectly installed on your PC, Enjoy using whatsapp on PC.
  • You are all done installing Whatsapp on your PC.


Using Whatsapp messenger application on your pc and this is the best way if you get rid off using the whatsapp messenger application on your smartphones and this is the best way to use, you can use the above two process in order to get whatsapp for laptop. By using the above process and steps you can easily have whatsapp on your PC’s in all kinds of platforms, such as Windows, Mac os and many more.

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That’s all for you  for today and you are all done with the whole process of Using Whatsapp Messenger application for free and if you have any queries comment below in the comment section and for further details contact us or else reach us on Facebook , twitter and other social networking sites.

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Bluestacks offline installer for PC/ Laptop Download

Download Bluestacks Offline Installer : After my previous guide on Snapchat for PC Download Howdy guys, today we are going to give a tiny tutorial on how to download bluestacks offline installer for PC or else for laptop and also in various platforms. Everyone needs offline installer because it is best option if you don’t have any internet connection it should be able to run and we need to get that anyhow. We go through the process of how to download the bluestacks offline installer.

Download Bluestacks Offline Installer For Free :



Bluestacks when came into the spotlight it was made possible to everybody who is utilizing Windows, as well as to alternate stages. Today we are going to have a look on the most proficient method to download/introduce Bluestacks offline installer.

Actually there are many android emulator softwares in the internet. By using this software we can easily switch to numerous applications of android apps in your windows and mac laptop. But many of the android emulators need internet connection to install them on your pc.After you Download Bluestacks Don’t forget to download dr driving for PC



For suppose installation will be failed and results in graphic card errors and system problems. Better to use offline installer of android emulator. So those who are looking for offline installer. Go through below step wise procedure to install offline installer. Among many other emulators, BlueStacks has the offline installer, and this is the best android emulator software till date. windows 7 PC.Also read Saavn App for PC to listen your favorite music

Let us know about a few elements and a few focal points with respect to this great Bluestacks installer.

Features of Bluestacks Offline Installer:



Bluestacks app player is one of the most popular application among the various android emulators and it is quite famous for Android emulator as we all know. So, lets have a glance on the features.

  • Bluestacks application does not require any active internet connection for Installation purpose.
  • No need of any additional files because you can install directly without any third party.
  • Bluestacks Offline Installer  also known as  bluestacks Standalone installer available in free of cost.
  • It will Install  in just  few moments without any errors/ no lags.
  • This  is the best option for the people who are having  slow internet connection/ who ever is using .
  • Bluestacks is developed in compatible with Windows XP, Vista , 7,8,8.1,10 and Mac Operating systems.

Install Bluestacks Offline Installer on PC/ Free Download:



Now it’s time for download steps, so only thing you need to do is just follow the below step by step process to complete the installation of Bluestacks Offline Installer on your windows versions or Mac OS Personal Computer. First download the bluestacks from the below link and follow the below process without any second thought.

  • Open Google from internet or else any other internet application and search for Bluestacks, or else follow the link which we will provide.


  • When download gets completed then click on the bluestacks app player file.
  • Click next to start installing and follow the instructions shown on the screen to complete the installation process and follow the instructions by Bluestacks application.
  • It takes just few moments to complete the total installation.
  • After finishing of installation you can start using/ start downloading  your favorite  android apps on your computer using bluestacks android app player for free.


If you still have any problems as follows, then here are some tips for you – to know tips you need to hit the below link to get a clear solution for your errors. This below link redireects you to the official help center page of bluestacks.

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Bluestacks is a vast application which needs a lot of space and so you will need to have enough space for it to be installed and it can take time to install this app. We hope you have successfully installed bluestacks offline installer for windows 8.1, and on your windows 8, windows 7 PC / Laptop. Tell your friends to download bluestacks offline installer for windows 8.1 by sharing this article using social networking sites.

If you have any queries, please comment below in the comment section.Let me know your queries in comments below this post. Thank You so much for reading this article.

How to use Lucky Patcher Apk to play Games for Free

Everyone who will be the first time user of this app will face some difficulty in using this app just because it will be their first time and also it is a hack app so it should be used very wisely.

Once you have installed it then you may need to know the proper process if you want to hack in app purchases. So if you are reading this article then you are on the right place because with the help of this article you will get to know the proper idea on how to use this application.


How to Use Lucky Patcher

In order to use this application you have to make sure that you have installed on your device then after that you must have super user installed on your device.

  • Once you have downloaded Lucky Patcher app on your phone then just grant root access from your super user so that lucky patcher gets the root access of your phone.
  • Now once you have granted the root access then you have to do what is that just open the application and after that when you will open the application then it will show you the list of available applications on your device.
  • Then after that just open the application in which you want to make in app purchases and minimize the lucky patcher.
  • Visit the purchase section of that particular app in which you want to perform hack stuff.
  • Now when you will click on the buy option then immediately instead of Google purchase lucky patcher will appear.
  • Lucky patcher will show an option that do you want to use this application to use for free? Just select yes and if you are a un-root user then just click on send reply.
  • After that you are done lucky patcher will start the downloading process by itself you just have to wait for the complete installation.

Not just this but if you want to modify any particular application of your android device then with this application you can also perform this stuff.

Note:- One thing which you have to keep in mind while performing in app purchases is that disable play store from your android device because if it will be enable then it will not allow you perform the hack operation so before doing this disable play store.

If you want to perform the ad blocker feature of this application then you can also perform this stuff in this one you don’t have to do anything lucky patcher will itself detect those applications which have ads and automatically it will remove the ads from your application.

Now when you have this application and you know the process then you don’t have to spend money on buying any particular app just go and have this application today itself so that you can also enjoy using this application. One more thing is that this application can also be used on unrooted devices.

Best sites to watch movies online Free – Best movie websites

Best Movie Websites : You missed any movie, want to watch online.Searching for free movie sites online is little bit complicated.We solve your problem easily.Here we are providing best free sites to watch movies online. Watch movies online for free without download and also with fast streaming of movies.

Free Movie websites :


Top 10 websites to watch movies fo free

The websites listed below will be updated for each and every second.Find your favorite website and enjoy watching movies for free! If you find this article interesting do share this in google + .

Best movie websites :

Top 10 websites to watch movies for free!

1. Hulu.com
2. PrimeWire.ag
3. SolarMovie
4. Movie4k
5. Watch-Movies
6. Project Free Tv
7. Los Movies
8. Vumoo
9. Movie25
10. CoolMovieZone

Best movie websites to Watch Online Movies

1. Hulu.com – click here to open

Hulu.com is a website owned by NBC, FOX, and ABC. It also offers tv shows such as TBS, A&E, AMC and so on.If you want to watch full episodes(entire series) of TV Shows you need to get a membership.

2. Primewire.ag – click here to open

This website best place to stream videos for free and online movie site.The best thing is it gets updated each and every second.Everything is free and there are numerous links to watch movies.

3. SolarMovie – click here to open

SolarMovie is honestly making best of it. It has everything you expect from a free movie site. There are few high quality streaming movies and TV shows online for free. What else you want! the only problem is that they have changed their URL many times. To Know each and every update about the online streaming movie and TV show world- visit our blog.

4. Movie4k – click here to open

Movie4k is one of the most popular to watch movies online for free.It has numerous links to stream high quality movies as well as TV shows.Everything is completely free!

5. Movies-Watch – click here to open

This website is one of the top 3 in earlier days, but it is now trying to be in top 5 and getting updated with lot of quality movies and TV series.It is a great site to watch new movies.

6.Project Free TV- click here to open

All the above sites are fabulous at what they deliver to us.this blog was created in 2007 year, from past seven years it is same site – it looks exactly same . It is still one of the best website to stream movies and Tv Shows.

7. Los Movies – click here to open

LOS Movies is a one of the best site. The design, quality and everything about the website is awesome.Everyone can stream Movies easily because of its superb interface.If any movie comes with a good quality, the next moment it will get updated with the new movie and its stuff.

8. Vumo0 – click here to open

This website first impressions were fantastic and it was in a list of top 25 websites to watch movies and TV shows online for free.consistent updates will be done in this site and a beauty interface makes us to watch movies in this site.

9. Movie25 – click here to open

Movie25 is a great site to watch and stream movies online.sad thing is there are no TV shows available in this website, they are working hard to get the Tv shows.This website updates high quality of movies pretty fast, and it comes under the list of top websites to watch movies online for free. Don’t believe it! open the website and do have a look on it.

10. Coolmovie Zone – click here to open

Cool Movie Zone provides numerous links for each movie which makes easier to find which one is suitable to you.Each movie is having a unique thumbnail and categories. We can search for movies in Movie title where there are numerous numbers, by  clicking it we will get our results page containing plenty of movies.This is one of the coolest website to watch movies online for free.

Stay tuned, for more updates.

Download Myntra app for PC and Laptop : windows XP 7 8 10

Download Myntra App For PC: Myntra App for Laptop is an awesome application where everyone likes to do online shopping and we have got rumors that it is being banned for the computer platform and the fact is that it was recently shut down its e – commerce business through a website and it shifted completely towards the application for smartphones and tablets.Also Download Flipkart App for PC

Download Myntra app for PC and Laptop : windows XP 7 8 10

This surprising decision was taken by the owner of the company of Myntra as well as Flipkart also decided the same. According to people, it was a big step which raises a point that e- commerce can survive.Also Download Snapchat for PC



Everyone was surprised that the decision wasn’t good for customers, and we need to make a solution for that and we have an awesome solution for that and we are sure that you will definitely love that.

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If a situation comes, if we need to buy the application then everyone gives a back step and the good thing is for them we have a solution and the people who else are there to use the application for free – we have many process in order to install the application, but in many types of process we have a best of the process and you will definitely like the process and you will use this process only for every application installation.Also Download Hotstar for PC



Myntra understands its customer needs and by satisfying them with amazing brands and amazing deals in catwalk, puma, nike, Adidas , Inc 5, United Colors of Benetton, FCUK, Timberland, Avirate, FabIndia and Biba and lot more which includes more than 500 leading brands as well as international brands. Myntra app has won many awards such as ‘Fashion eRetailer of the Year 2013’ by Franchise India, ‘Best E-commerce Website for 2012’ by IAMAI,  ‘Images Most Admired Retailer of the Year: Non–Store Retail’ for 2012 by Images Group and the final award ‘Best E-commerce Partner of the year 2011-12’ by Puma India.

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Features of Myntra application – India’s biggest online Fashion Store:



  • Free shipping in all over India for the first time.
  • cash on delivery is available to satisfy customers and maintain the relationship between them in business.
  • 24- hour Dispatch is available.
  • Easy return policy and 30 days replacement guarantee.
  • Awesome user interface.
  • Myntra app is especially designed and developed for fashion accessories as well as fashion clothes and everything related to fashion.
  • Perfect images to describe the quality.

Also Download : Dr Driving for PC

Download / install Myntra – india’s largest online fashion store for PC:



  • First of all install the Bluestacks Offline Installer on PC
  • If you don’t find any clue then install bluestacks directly to your PC – CLICK HERE.
  •  After clicking the above link the page will be redirected and then you will see the below image of various smartphone platforms.
  • The only thing you need to do is just go for Windows desktop version.
  • Then, Click on it.
  • Then you see a binary file downloading, after completion of the download
  • You need to open it and wait for sometime it will ask for run or close – just hit on run.



  • The application will be installed and a screen comes infront of you.
  • you need to click next and that’s it.
  • Open the bluestacks app player and in search bar type the text as Myntra or else you need to open play store and search for the myntra as you do in your android smartphone.
  • Results will be displayed as per the search results.
  • Click on Install the app.

    Myntra -app-open

    Myntra -app-open

  • Myntra Application is now downloaded to your desktop.
  • Click on open and then start shopping.
  • Myntra – india’s largest online fashion store is now all set in your device.
  • Have fun, using the app and be the unique person and have a great experience in fashion as myntra have millions of fashion eras.

Myntra app is one of the best app and if you have any issues regarding the download process, then try to comment in the below comment section and we are ready to give brilliant solutions for your problems.

Stay tuned, for more latest tutorials.

Download Hay Day on PC/Laptop for Windows 7 8.1 10

Hay Day for PC : Hay Day is one of the hits by Super Cell, a game developer, that introduced the blockbuster games called Clash of Clans and Boom Beach.People went equally crazy about the game as they went for Farmville series on Facebook and by far downloaded the game few million times.Also Read Restore Deleted Whatsapp messages

Download Hay Day on PC/Laptop for Windows 7 8.1 10

Who doesn’t wants to quit playing games and operating with other applications on small mobile screens and perform the same on wide computer screens? Also Play Candy Crush on Laptop Free

Here is the answer to all those people who want to play Hay Day on computers and have an enriching experience of playing and mastering the game on the wider screen.

Download Hay Day on PC (Windows 7/8/8.1):

All Android games and application are not compatible with computers but, thanks to the emulator software. They make the computer devices portable to all android applications.There are few popularly known simulators like Andy and Bluestacks.Also Read How to Create Hotmail.com Login Account

Here, let us learn how to download the game on PC using Bluestacks and Andy.

Download : Flipkart App for Laptop

Download Hay Day on PC with Andyroid:

Andyroid is an Android emulating software that enables your computer with Android apps.Now follow the step by step process mentioned below to download and install the game Hay Day on PC.

  • Download the Andy Android Emulator from its official website or Click here for direct access.


  • Once downloaded, locate the file on your PC and open it to begin the installation process.
  • Meanwhile, accept all the list of instructions and conditions that get displayed on the screen to ensure proper installation.

  • Give it some time and let it get installed properly.
  • After complete installation, open the application.
  • Finish the sign-up process by entering all the required details including your Google account and password.

  • Now sign into the play store and search for ‘Hay Day’.

  • Once found, click on ‘install’ button that at the right side.
  • This initializes the installation process.
  • Wait till the process ends successfully and after that you can find the game in the list of apps of Andy home screen.
  • Click to open it and start using the gaming application.

Do always note that the Andyroid emulator is not available for free. Users have to make a one-time payment to avail its services. It is worth paying, of course, but if you want to obtain it for free, try going for Bluestacks which is almost similar in functionality to Andyroid.Also Read Download Snapchat for PC

Download Hay Day on PC with Bluestacks:

Downloading the game on PC using Bluestacks is very simple and easy as Andyroid. But it is more preferred over Andyroid for its simple user interface.Try and follow these guidelines given below to download the game easily on computer.

  • After download, locate and launch the file on your computer.
  • Install the app by agreeing to all the terms and conditions that are mentioned in the permission boxes for simple installation process.


  • Once installed, click to open its home screen.
  • Finish the sign-up process by furnishing all the required details.

  • In the search box present at the top right corner, enter ‘Hay Day’.

  • Click on the first one out of the list that appears.
  • Click on ‘install’ option present at the right corner to start the process.

  • Wait till it gets properly installed.
  • Once done, the game icon appears in the list of ‘all apps’ in the Bluestacks home screen.
  • Open it to start using the app uninterruptedly on your computer.

Isn’t the process very simple and easy? Now go and try installing the game for yourselves and give your feedback on this guide by posting a comment in the comment bar below.

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