How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages in Android/iPhone

As we all know WhatsApp is an instant messaging service through which we are able to send messages and chat with our friends and family instantly at any time.WhatsApp is easy to install and use and is available at free of cost for first one year. Apart from this WhatsApp also let the user to share photos, videos, audio and also user location. Voice calling feature is also available in WhatsApp. So undoubtedly we can say that WhatsApp is the most popular and highly user friendly app to send and receive messages and also share other media files.

You can even restore deleted whatsapp message while you using whatsapp on pc as well

whatsapp messages restore Every person who owns a smartphone mostly will have WhatsApp installed in his/her device in order to send and receive messages. But sometimes the received messages may be deleted by us accidentally while tapping on our smart device or sometimes we want to view our conversation which is already deleted from WhatsApp. This creates a problem when we accidentally delete some important messages and want it back. We will suffer a lot in such type of situation.

In such cases we can restore the deleted messages or conversation by just following simple process. But most of you may not be aware of it. Here I am providing you with detailed steps of how to restore the deleted messages or conversation.

There are three methods to restore the deleted messages in WhatsApp.The first two methods will be able to restore the older messages and the last one can only restore the past 7 days conversation.Any method can be followed according to your requirement. These methods will work for almost all the devices and platforms.The three methods are

  1. Manual restoring
  2. By web Application
  3. Direct restoring.

Steps To Manually Restore The Messages In WhatsApp:

  • First go to WhatsApp database folder by following the path ‘sdcard/Whatsapp/databases’.
  • Open the database folder.
  • After opening it, you will find some chat files inside that.
  • In the list of files appeared search a file named ‘msgstore.db.crypt’
  • After finding the file, you need to rename it.
  • Just rename it by adding an additional word either before it or after it.
  • After renaming the file find the chat file which you want to restore.
  • Rename the file you want to restore as ‘msgstore.db.crypt’.
  • Then go to settings.
  • Select Application/Manage application/WhatsApp.
  • Hit on the ‘clear data’ button.
  • Open WhatsApp and choose restore at the bottom right side of the screen.
  • That’s it, the messages which are deleted have been restored.

Steps To Restore WhatsApp Messages Using Web Application:

In this method in order to restore the messages we use a web application called ‘Restore Messages’. This application is available at free of cost and restores the deleted messages in WhatsApp.The steps to restore the messages with this application are as follows

  • Go to Recover messages site.
  • Click on ‘Select SQlite file’
  • After that select the database file which you want to restore and upload it.
  • Check the Box displaying ‘ I accept terms of use’
  • Hit the ‘scan’ button and wait for some time.
  • After few seconds, you will be able to see the deleted messages on the screen.

Note: One can only see and read the messages by using this method.We cannot restore them to the chat history.

Steps To Restore WhatsApp Messages Directly:

  • WhatsApp comes with a backup feature by which the app backup’s its data every day.
  • The data stored in the sdcard will be backed up every day.
  • In order to restore the messages in Whats app just re-install the whats app.
  • The device asks you whether to restore your message history.
  • Click on ‘Restore’
  • This restores the entire data which is less than 7 days.

Use Whatsapp Web on Windows 8.1/7 PC at web.whatsapp.com

Howdy guys! today we are going to have a tutorial on Whatsapp Web for PC. Whatsapp messenger is one of the best application and it has got lot of praises, everyone started using the whatsapp messenger like a hell and every one enjoys texting each other – when it is free of cost and we need to have internet connection.

Download Whatsapp Web for PC- Here comes the Process to Use:


Whatsapp messenger has also became one of the biggest names in the Google app market where it has millions of users. The only thing which gives a disappointment is it is only made available for smartphones only. A recent news regarding the whatsapp messenger is “Facebook owned whatsapp messenger application for 19 Billion dollars”, isn’t it fascinating??? oh, its really amazing news because we are going to get hell lot of updates and the interface is going to change guys and you will really enjoy with these new changes.

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Now, how do you feel if we say that whatsapp for PC is available??? You might be surprised right , so here comes the news and amazing fact is whatsapp messenger application is now made available to PC. The process is as simple as it is. You are going to enjoy this tutorial and at the end you will definitely become  an extra – ordinary whatsapp user of PC.


The only sad thing is we need to pay around $0.99 per year in order to use whatsapp after the one year free usage, i think this is going to be a sad thing because there are many applications which are free of cost and let’s see what else can happen in the mean time.

The only thing which happened after Facebook which acquired the whatsapp messenger application is, they included many awesome features and Whatsapp for Windows personal computer is one of them.

so, in order to install or use whatsapp messenger in your Windows PC, we have two types of process and you can choose which one is the best process in order to use the whatsapp messenger application. Let us start the tutorial on how to use / download / install Whatsapp apk on PC or else whatsapp web for PC.



First process is all about whatsapp web official site and second process is you need to download Bluestacks app player – android emulator because this is one of the best android app player and the user interface is quite amazing and awesome, everyone can instantly use this emulator.

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You have an option that if at all first process doesn’t works, then you can easily proceed to the second process with an ease. Let us start the first process for now and later we will discuss the second process in the same article only.

First Process To use Whatsapp On PC:



  • First of all you need to open your latest installed internet browser application.
  • In that application type for Google and enter or else open search bar and type as google you will get some relevant results. Open Google in browser.
  • Then, visit or type or else copy paste the link address http://web.whatsapp.com/ in your Browser.
  • If you still don’t get the link usage, then we are providing the direct link here – CLICK HERE TO GET WHATSAPP WEB.
    Now you will see a QR code in your Computer screen, when you open the page which looks like the image shown below after the completion of steps.
  • Just open WhatsApp in your smartphone and go to Options – then in options you need to click on “WhatsApp web” from the Options.
  • Now place your camera of your mobile above the QR code.
  • you will be scanning the QR code from your mobile.
  • That’s it, completed and you are still wondering because this is such an easy process, but it is fact that the process is completed.
  • Your WhatsApp conversations is now on your computer screen and enjoy Whatsapp on your PC.
  • If you want to sign out of WhatsApp web from System you need to go to options in Mobile > click on WhatsApp Web > Sign out or else same process you can go to settings of whatsapp on your computer screen and do the sign out.


Another alternative to use whatsapp messenger application on your PC Using Bluestacks App player:



As we discussed above we have two process and if you are uncomfortable with the above process, then here is the another alternative for you – which is quite common and also easy.

  • Open Bluestacks app player – best android emulator and if you don’t have then just click the link below and install the application and it will get installed within few moments. – CLICK HERE
  • In bluestacks app player, there will be a search bar on the top of the application in orange color.
  • In search bar type a text as Whatsapp and you will get the results regarding to the text which you have typed.
  • Click on the whatsapp green icon and then wait for few moments, the download automatically gets started.
  • After the download, installation gets started and then everything is done.
  • That’s it Whatsapp is perfectly installed on your PC, Enjoy using whatsapp on PC.
  • You are all done installing Whatsapp on your PC.


Using Whatsapp messenger application on your pc and this is the best way if you get rid off using the whatsapp messenger application on your smartphones and this is the best way to use, you can use the above two process in order to get whatsapp for laptop. By using the above process and steps you can easily have whatsapp on your PC’s in all kinds of platforms, such as Windows, Mac os and many more.

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That’s all for you  for today and you are all done with the whole process of Using Whatsapp Messenger application for free and if you have any queries comment below in the comment section and for further details contact us or else reach us on Facebook , twitter and other social networking sites.

Stay Connected, for more new tutorials.

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